Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Wed, Jan 23: Lake Ann Pathway (Interlochen)

After Nordic Rocks PE this morning, lunch with Tim Dowd & a change into dry ski clothes, I couldn’t resist skiing the hills at Lake Ann Pathway. I never do when hardpack or icy, but controllable in deep, virgin snow. I met a skier from Marquette in the parking lot heading out alone, so broke trail for her in my BC65s. By the time we got to the river, a runner passed us, packing the snow for our track. It was the purr-fect 1.5 hr afternoon ski close to home!!!

- Sara Cockrell

Wed, Jan 23: Muskegon Winter Sports Complex (Muskegon)

Five inches of moist snow on top of very cold base of two to three inches made for good skating on a well packed base. A skis can be used.

- TimG

Wed, Jan 23: Unlisted trail (Unlisted)

Avalanche Preserve, Boyne City. The mtn bike trails are groomed and are blast to ski with the fresh powder on top. Did a loop this morning and a second loop this afternoon in the opposite direction. Great kick and glide....lots of curves and up and downs. Narrow singletrack trail but plenty of room for classic skiing.

- Jack Laurent

Wed, Jan 23: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)

Skate skied on down to the railroad tracks and back up to the trailhead. This section is in much better condition from a week ago and in the best condition I've seen in years just before the race. Both ponds were completely covered with snow, no ice showing and groomers did a nice job to even out most ruts.

- Ethan Kennedy

Wed, Jan 23: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Just what the doctor ordered. We got about 4" of wet snow so I was able to get a great trackset everywhere. Come and get it while you can cuz you never know what tomorrow might bring.

- kathloon

Wed, Jan 23: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)

We left Timber Ridge at 9:15 this AM going Classic. It snowed most of the previous night3/5” & continued all morning. No tracks were groomed but 4 of us skied in (what we could see of remaking classic tracks) almost out to Jack Pine hopinnto find the groomer. But no luck so we returned in the same tracks.
Maybe the trailhead had less snow??

- Ray

Wed, Jan 23: Shanty Creek - Schuss Mtn (Bellaire)

Brad the Groomer just checked in with good news: he has fired up the Big Cat! Pine Cone, WinterBrook, and Mt. Creek from P.C. to the ski hill has been groomed, and Poet’s Loop is next! Snow is falling thick and fluffy, and I’ve shoveled 2X since 10:30 this morning...Schuss Nordic trails are looking pretty good...

- Shawn

Wed, Jan 23: Shanty Creek - Schuss Mtn (Bellaire)

3” of new snow has fallen, with plenty more in the forecast. Brad the Groomer has been out on Pine Cone, WinterBrook and Mt. Creek (Pine Cone to the Ski Hill) with the Tidd. At the rate this snow is falling, he may take the groomer out for a spin...
Glen was out making morning tracks and said the trail was great. Stay tuned for the afternoon report, folks!

- Shawn

Wed, Jan 23: Hanson Hills (Grayling)

Groomers Tommy G. and Jason have groomed the Green, Blue, Yellow and brown trails this morning. Trails received 3 inches of snow and is still falling, with an expected 3-4 more inches. Soft skiing today. Lodge and Trails Open at 9am.

- Justin Andre

Wed, Jan 23: Stokely Creek (Goulais River)

Ok Wetting is completely the wrong word. :0)
But the groomed trails are "setting" on top of a firm base.

- Susan

Wed, Jan 23: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

We received just shy of 3 inches of snow last night, and it will continue to snow throughout the day today. Groomer Mike has been rolling all the trails since early this morning to pack the fresh snow, and will continue with Ginzu snow coming the skating lanes and setting tracks as the day progresses. We expect excellent conditions once grooming is complete, which will likely be late morning or early afternoon. All trails are open, and we will be keeping up with the snowfall as it accumulates. Hooray for snow!

Today's Stone Turtle Cafe lunch special is the Classic Hammy Sammy! Baked ham, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes, and stone ground mustard on a delicious Swiss roll. Served melty and hot with chips and a pickle. The snowy white woods is the place to be! Come ski with us!

- Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Matt, Missy, Gillian, Molly, Annie H., Katrina, Annie B., Grant, Josh, Michelle, Krista, Crystal, Mike and the crew

Wed, Jan 23: Stokely Creek (Goulais River)

Lots of new snow. With over 6 inches yesterday with hopefully 6 more today Alex and Jonathan are out on the trails. There is only one small section they will not get to. There is 100km of groomed skate and classic trails wetting on a great firm base. Warmer weather today and tomorrow so you can wax or use no wax.
Super Bowl Weekend (Saturday Feb 3rd) join the adventure in the wilderness with a guided tour by Bob Yankus. You will ski-snowshoe-ski. Have lunch at the Stokely Lake Hut. You must pre-register and be a person who loves nature and a day of fun exercise.
Call 866-stokely

- Susan, Gaylen and Alex and JOnathan

Tue, Jan 22: Hanson Hills (Grayling)

Skied the blue trail this afternoon. Things were a bit soft in spots and there were places with grass and leaves coming through. Great skiing, tracks were fast, A skis okay with a big of care.
It even skied well after a week at Swedetown.

- Allen sorgenfrei

Tue, Jan 22: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)

The groomers only had 1" of fresh snow over the past two days to work with for this morning's grooming, but it was enough to install nice fresh corduroy. The result was the best under-the-ski feel in a week, much softer and nicer than the recent hardpack. Not real fast until the cold snowflakes lose some of their sharp edges making that growling noise as they resist the motion of your waxed base. Only a couple of thin spots, and another fresh but smaller batch of oak leaves to dodge.

- Jim Datsko

Tue, Jan 22: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

Shallow classic tracks on Buck's Run today. But still very usable. Great ski on the skins.

Skate lane looks great too.

- Mike Hultman

Tue, Jan 22: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)

All trails inside 17k groomed, but very soft because it just doesn't stop snowing here. Conditions were considerably faster because temps broke the 20 degree mark. Nice, warm day! Blue extra was alright, slipping a bit in the new snow.

- Ethan Kennedy

Tue, Jan 22: Valley Spur (Munising)

Lake effect snow through the weekend which Dan has all groomed in. Some light snow overnight, so great classic skiing with anything Blue. Skate lanes are in Excellent shape with a flat deck and solid pole plants.

- John Gierke

Tue, Jan 22: Hanson Hills (Grayling)

All Trails are groomed with set tracks. Groomer Tommy G. snow combed Green, Brown, and Blue trails yesterday afternoon. Lodge and Trails open at 9am.

- Justin Andre

Tue, Jan 22: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

Conditions remain in very good shape on the majority of the trails. Groomer Mike is snow combing the skating lanes this morning. Tracks remain on all trails, with the best tracks found on the Trappers Cabin trail. The best conditions are on the Rolling Hills, Trappers Cabin, Wild Turkey and Manitou trails. There is a lot of snow in the forecast for tonight (3-5 inches) and tomorrow (3-5 inches), which will cover up the oak leaves completely and put us in great shape for the coming weekend!

Today's Stone Turtle Cafe lunch special is the Classic Hammy Sammy! Baked ham, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes, and stone ground mustard on a delicious Swiss roll. Served melty and hot with chips and a pickle! Plus, it's a great time to demo the Fischer Speedmax Skate skis! Incredibly lightweight, these skis offer whole new level of speed. Find some snow and enjoy this beautiful day!

- Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Matt, Missy, Gillian, Molly, Annie H., Katrina, Annie B., Grant, Josh, Michelle, Krista, Crystal, Mike and the crew